FUEL SERVICE  -  Jet A and 100LL Phillips Fuels
We accept U.S. Government Aircard as well as all major credit cards

FOOD & GOLF - Walking Distance to Restaurant & Links Style Golf Course & Bessies Diner(in Terminal)

AUTOS - We are served by "Hertz" (608-833-1118) or "Enterprise" (608-758-7100 press* when you hear the vm system) or "Avis" (608-757-0565)  Courtesy Car available (two hour max.) 

FACILITIES - Conference Room, Pilot's Lounge & Weather Room - Free WIFI

PASSENGER SERVICE - Ramp for G-IV and up! - Red Carpet & Executive Service


Fueling hours:

Monday-Sunday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

100LL Self Serve available 24/7 
On Call 24/7 After hours call out fee may apply. (608)758-1037

Fuel prices

Full Service: 100LL: $4.20   Self Service 100LL: $3.85

Jet A: $3.90
Jet A with Prist - $3.99

*Prices include all taxes

* Discounts:  Phillips Contract Fuel, We accept American Express, AvCard, Discover Card, Mastercard, MultiService, Phillips Card, UVAir, and Visa